Blueberry Crumble

I had been itching to make these Blueberry Crumb Bars for the longest time, but the recent bout of cold weather had me craving heavier sweets. Needless to say, I jumped at my chance when I awoke to bright sunny skies this morning, and – oh! – am I glad I did. The burst-in-your-mouth juiciness of blueberries and the crisp, lemony, goodness of the crust had my mouth doing a major happy dance. It should be known that I have a fondness for any type of crumble, and I’ve been known to sneak nibbles off the top while no one is watching.




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3 responses to “Blueberry Crumble

  1. Hi there, I found your blog via Google while searching something and your post looks very tantalizing for me. Great page you are running there. And many thanks for posting this.

  2. oh wao! i’m going to try this crumble this weekend!

    Easter Crumble in my belly!!!!


  3. I’m telling you guys, these things are AMAZING. They would be perfect for Easter, Valerie! I might have to make them again 😉

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