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Just Another Manicure Monday

Oh, Monday. Some may dread your arrival, but I always look forward to a fresh start each week. So maybe I ate just a little too much cheesecake over the weekend. That’s okay, because Monday is here to motivate me to get back to my healthy regimen. Last week was a whirlwind of events – I started a new (and fabulous!) job, my dear boyfriend and I celebrated his birthday, and I reunited with my favorite girls for a sunny day spent on a blanket in the park. I’m mildly exhausted, and today was my day to relax and take a much needed time-out. For me, that meant treating myself to an at-home manicure. Painting my nails is one of my favorite things to do, and I couldn’t wait to try out the new Essie I picked up last week. Super Bossa Nova is what I would describe as a lovely fuchsia confection laced with violet glass flake shimmer. It applies like a dream, dries super fast, and really exemplifies what I love about Essie. I have already made a mental list of Essie polishes that I will likely die without – stay tuned!



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Making Me Smile

…Spiking my morning coffee with vanilla syrup…

I think it’s so important to appreciate the simple pleasures in life, and finding joy in the little things has never been a problem for me. Even as the rain is pouring I’ve found it easy to bring a little light into my day. Here a few things currently putting a smile on my face:

…Polka dots paired with feminine details…

…This candle makes my room smell super yummy…

…Beading from an unflattering top, now a go-with-anything necklace…

…Currently living on my toes? Essie’s Clambake…


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Bling It On

…Bring on the Bling from the OPI Burlesque collection…

One thing to know about me: if it’s shiny, sparkly, glittery or in any other way reflective, I will like it. Not just like it, but probably be intensely obsessed with it. I had overlooked this gorgeous shade on several occasions, but on a recent beauty store run I decided to give it a closer inspection. I happily discovered the multicolored brilliance lurking beneath it’s glitzy gold facade, and even as I type I’m completely distracted by the insane twinkle emanating from my nails. This will definitely be making multiple appearances on the holiday party circuit!

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